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  • Mysterious Photos

    These 20 BIZARRE Photos Have No Right To Even Exist…

    The eerie. The unsettling. The paranormal? Theories on the supernatural range from understandable to the downright fantastic. But whatever your thoughts and beliefs, it’s tricky to try and explain away many of the truly odd photographs that we’ve collected together for you here. Some are classics images from the world of the spooky. But others? […]

  • Windmill Transport

    How Do You Transport Windmill Wings Over 240ft Long…? Like THIS!

    So. How do you transport windmill wings over 240ft long? You use something called a ‘Vamdrup Special Transporter‘, of course! We can’t believe you didn’t know that… If you’ve ever looked up at a giant energy-producing windmill and thought to yourself, ‘Gosh, that’s big. I wonder how they got all the component parts of the […]

  • JFK

    Ex-FBI Agent Reveals The Truth About The JFK Assassination

    Who really killed JFK? It’s a question that people have been asking since that fateful day back in November 1963. John Fitzgerald Kennedy‘s assassination shocked the world and conspiracy theories have raged for years, with very few people really buying the original story of a lone gunman. But who was really responsible? Well, it looks […]

  • Cave

    Mysterious 150,000 Year-Old Pipework Found Under Chinese Pyramid – You Won’t BELIEVE IT!

    Mount Baigong, the Qinghai Province of Northwestern China. A complex system of pipework has been discovered underneath a severely-eroded pyramid. ‘The Baigong Pipes’, as they’re known, have caused quite a stir in the archaeological and conspiracy theory world  since their discovery. Why? Well, because they’ve been dated and are thought to be more than 150,000 years old! […]

  • Devils Fingers

    If You Find One Of These Weird Egg Sacks In Your Back Yard, Try Not To Panic…

    Think you’ve seen weird before? You ain’t seen nothing yet! If you enjoy pottering about in the back or front yard and doing a spot of gardening, you might think you’ve seen quite a few weird things in your time. But you’ve never seen anything as bizarre as Clathrus archeri, otherwise known as Devil’s Fingers… Native […]

  • Trans

    Trans Woman Spends $75K On Breast Implants, Butt Lift, Surgery To Achieve ‘Perfection’

    Peveragno, Italy. An transgender woman has reportedly spent well over $75,000 in an attempt to get the perfect female body after repressing her true feelings for over four decades. 56 year-old Fulvia Pellegrino, has endured dozens of tough surgeries to get to where she is now, including in excess of 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, four separate breast implants, two courses of liposuction […]

  • Angel

    A Little Girl Was Dying In Hospital Until THIS Miracle Occurred…

    Do angels exist? What do you think…? the question ‘are angels real?’ has dogged mankind for centuries. Many religious and spiritual people believe that, yes, they do. In fact, it’s thought that up to three quarters of all Americans believe in the existence of angels. But for those of you that don’t buy into them, […]