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  • Simpsons

    Top 10 Most Disturbing Subliminal Messages Ever Planted

    Whether it be from advertisers or governments, entertainment outlets or conglomerates, we’re constantly being bombarded with messages and ideas. Half the world wants us to do a certain thing or act a certain way. Sometimes these people will just come right out and say it. They’ll tell us what to do (and sadly, a lot of […]

  • Darwin Awards

    These Are The DUMBEST Ways Anyone’s Ever Died… #2 Is Just CRAZY!

    Dying is not a pleasant thing. No one really likes to think or talk about death. But, when the passing on is so downright bizarre or unbelievable, it’s almost impossible not to. List obsessives AllTime10s, fresh from giving us a countdown of the Top Ten Craziest Bank Robberies Ever are back. This time to run […]

  • AllTime10s Bank Heists

    The Craziest Bank Robberies EVER: #5 Is Just Insane!

    For most us, the only way to raise money to go on vacation with, pay our mortgage or clear our debts is to keep on slogging away at work and collecting up money the old-fashioned way. But if you don’t mind waving a gun around and risking decades in jail, there are other ways. Like […]