Mississippi Fast Food Worker Guilty Of Wiping Period Blood On Customers’ Burgers


Columbus, Mississippi. Eighteen year-old Sky Juliett Samuel turns herself in to police and is jailed in the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center. Her charge? She faces felony charges of intentionally serving contaminated food. But it’s much more disgusting than you can even imagine…

The former Jack’s employee admitted contaminating food on purpose. Specifically burgers and with blood. Her own blood. Her own MENSTRUAL BLOOD. The Mississippi State Department of Health investigated claims made on social media and took steps to shut down the fast food restaurant while they looked into it.

Ms. Samuel then handed herself over to the police and the burger joint was reopened shortly afterwards after passing all health and safety requirements.

Menstrual Blood Food

The restaurant chain were forced to issue the following statement about the rather vile situation:

“Food safety is our top priority at Jack’s Family Restaurants. The company takes any claims of improper food handling very seriously. Recently, an audio tape recording was posted on social media claiming that an employee at a restaurant in Columbus potentially violated our stringent food handling standards.”

“The employee allegedly involved in this incident was terminated several days ago for unrelated reasons and no longer works for the company. Upon learning of this alleged incident, Jack’s launched an internal investigation to determine if these claims are factual and if any procedures were violated.”

Menstrual Blood Food

“As part of this investigation, the company has reviewed several hours of restaurant surveillance footage and interviewed all employees working during the shift in question. Jack’s has also been in contact with local authorities and the Lowndes County Health Department, which conducted a restaurant inspection on Wednesday January 11th.”

“The restaurant received an “A” rating. At this point, Jack’s internal investigation is ongoing and the company will do everything it can to assist authorities with their own investigation.”  

Menstrual Blood Food

People must’ve just thought it was ketchup… Here’s more on the disgusting tale:

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