Man Uses Frozen Sausage Against Girlfriend In Assault

Sausage Assault

Bardstown, Kentucky. 24 year-old Derek Kiesler was arrested by police recently after a violent confrontation in the home he shares with girlfriend and the couple’s tiny nine month-old child. It was a domestic dispute which turned ugly. Kiesler assaulted his partner and the child even got hurt in the crossfire. There was a weapon involved… A frozen sausage.

Police told the media that Kiesler hit his girlfriend “many times in the face and arms” with the icy meat log and even hit the baby, “busting the child’s chin.”

It’s thought that should the couple get back together, the child could very well be taken away from them and placed in to the care of the state.

According to the police report, Kiesler is said to have chased his girlfriend during the fight and then “grabbed a frozen log of sausage from the freezer and struck her in the head with it.”

Frozen Sausage Assault

When the unfortunate woman went to dial 911, he is said to have then repeatedly hit her fingers with the frozen pork product until she dropped the phone’s receiver.

Here’s the citation:

Frozen Sausage Assault

Kiesler was charged by police with several counts, including: domestic violence, child abuse, and even wanton endangerment. He then spent a week in the Nelson County jail and was later released after posting the necessary $5000 cash bail.