He Found A Kitten Frozen Solid In The Snow – Then Did Something INCREDIBLE!


When Utah resident Brandon Bingham found a frozen kitten in the snow, he worried for its wellbeing. Was it in as much trouble as it appeared? He’d had some veterinary training and quickly established that the poor little thing was indeed in a whole heap of trouble. He checked – it was literally frozen stiff. The kitten wasn’t breathing and its heart had stopped.

But he didn’t give up on the newborn. Just because it had been caught out by the sudden snowstorm and become frozen, that didn’t mean things were totally helpless. He remembered what he’s been taught and rushed the cat inside. By the warm fire he began performing a very subtle and special type of CPR.

Brandon kept massaging the kitten’s heart, but nothing was happening. Things looked bleak. He was about to give up when something amazing happened – the kitten came back to life! What a moment this is and it was all captured on camera…

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