Here at Daily Digest, we like to think we’re right at the forefront of the modern media revolution. For far too long people have had to get their news from a very small number of news outlets, haven’t they? Be it radio, newspaper, magazine or television. We’ve all had our world view created, manipulated and maintained by a tiny amount of suits, editors, moneymen and fat cats. And we think it’s about time for a change!

People seem to be waking and wising up to the truth and deciding that they don’t want to have their thoughts and opinions formed by a handful of commercial corporations and conglomerates that are run by businessmen. So they get their laptops, phones and tablets out and head online for their news. On the internet, news breaks quicker than anywhere else. You know that. And what’s more? It’s totally democratic now.

But it’s not just straight news we bring you here, oh no. We throw in the odd off-the-wall story just for your entertainment too. Just to mix things up a little and to, well, keep you entertained!

So stick with us… Daily Digest – It’s news done just right!