See This Stuffed Gorilla? Watch What Happens When The Dog Turns Around And Sees It!


Maymo the beagle is one of the cutest dogs on the internet. His owners just love to make funny and silly little videos of him for the rest of the world to enjoy. And, after having seen the latest, we’re glad they do! In this newest installment from Maymo’s life, the little pooch falls in love. Aaaah

But it’s not a new poodle next door that’s caught his eye, oh no. Maymo’s got unusual tastes. He’s fallen for his brand new housemate. A stuffed gorilla. She’s a little bigger than him, but he doesn’t mind. Things get pretty involved, pretty quickly. There’s kisses and cuddles and games of Scrabble…

Before they know it the two are even getting hitched! We don’t know if it’s a legally-binding marriage, but it sure looks sweet, of that we are sure.

Have a little look for yourself: