Chris Pratt Pulls Off Scarily-Good Magic Trick During TV Interview…


Chris Pratt. He’s a cool guy. He’s funny, smooth, handsome, a talented actor and a huge star. He’s the main man in the Jurassic Park reboots as well as Guardians of the Galaxy and is always good fun in interviews. Remember that time he rapped along to Forgot About Dre?!

But it turns out that those aren’t his only talents. The man’s got other, more secret ones. Well, they used to be secret. He’s been outed. You see, no one knew he was secretly a magician. Until now. He was promoting his new movie Passengers alongside co-star Jennifer Lawrence on hit UK talk show The Graham Norton Show. When Norton asked him to show the audience a trick…

So Chris obliged. And it was a doozy, it really was. He roped in fellow guest Will.I.Am to help and it looked like it was going wrong. But in reality? WOW!


What we love about this trick is that it looks like it’s all going wrong. But it’s not. It’s all part of the act!


Here he is. He’s no David Blaine, but he’s still pretty darn good…