Kanye West Wants Role In The New Star Wars Movie; Has Already Got His Own Jedi Name

kanye star wars

The new Star Wars movie is due to be called ‘The Last Jedi’ and shouldn’t be long in heading to theaters. But the one after that (after the Han Solo spin-off) is due out in 2020 and hasn’t begun casting yet. Someone who has just thrown their hat into the audition ring, though? Kanye West

Yeezy is actually pretty obsessed with the Star Wars universe. So much so that he’s even references the franchise in tracks. The 2005 song Gone, for example, features the line: “But if they ever flip sides like Anakin…”

West played a Stormtrooper with Kim Kardashian as Princess Leia once for a comedy sketch on Comedy Central too. The show was a pilot and never aired, but it shows the love he has for the movies. So he’s deadly serious about a role.

kanye star wars

A close source to the rapper said this about the story: “Quite a few of his fashion designs have been inspired by Star Wars and he’ll often throw a long coat over his shoulders when he goes out that makes it look as if he’s wearing Obi-Wan’s robe.”

“It’s a standing joke that one of his nicknames is Mannequin Skywalker and he actually likes being called that. He’s watched all the movies many times and he regards George Lucas as the greatest genius Hollywood has ever seen.”

An executive who works for Disney (who bought the right to the movies from LucasFilm five years ago) spoke to British Newspaper, The Daily Star, and told this this teasing little tidbit:

“We’re open to all ideas. Nothing is beyond the realms of possibility…”

kanye star wars

Can you see Yeezy getting cast in an upcoming Star Wars movie…? Perhaps not as Mannequin Skywalker, but as Obi-Kan Kenobi?

What do you think about the story?