She’s Texting During Her Driving Test… Just Watch What The Examiner Does!


With 1.2 million people dying on roads across the world each year, something needs to be done to make motoring safer. While manufacturers and governments have work to do, motorists themselves ultimately have the last say on how safe they are behind the wheel. Let’s take texting. We all know that you don’t text and drive. It’s just unsafe. But what happens when you do?

To find out, a driving test center in Brussels, Belgium, decided to test some learners. There to take their driving tests, they were told that there had been a new rule introduced. They had to text and drive. Do it safely and they pass. Drive dangerously and they fail…

How do you think it went? Well, we’ll let you find out for yourself. But let’s just say that it’s proof once and for all that you need to keep your cellphone out of reach when you’re driving.

See what happened: