The Incredible Story of A Young Burn Victim’s Journey from Afghanistan


In 2001, a nine-year-old girl named Zubaida was a victim of a tragic fire that took place at a remote village in Afghanistan. She was left with most of her face melted into her chest, as well as other injuries, and doctors said that the burns were so severe that nothing could be done.

Her physical pain was so dreadful that she could hardly eat or sleep. Her eyes had suffered so much damaged that it was impossible for her to close them completely.

One year later, her father took her to a military base where a few soldiers assisted her in finding a doctor who could help. A well-known plastic surgeon, Peter Grossman, from Los Angeles reached out and was excited to help Zubaida.


Zubaida and her father flew out to Los Angeles to meet with Dr. Grossman. He estimated that many operations would need to be done and that it would take three years for him to complete a successful facial reconstruction. After many operations, and multiple skin grafts taken from her back, Zubaida began looking more and more like her old self.

Zubaida Doctors

It was then, that her father had to return to Afghanistan. Dr. Grossman felt so attached to the young girl, that he offered for her to stay with him and his wife for the remainder of her surgeries. Zubaida started to learn English and brought immense joy into their household.

Zubaida Transformation

The total number of surgeries, that were initially supposed to take three years, thankfully only took one. Dr. Grossman flew back to Afghanistan with Zubaida and when her parents saw her again, they were speechless. Not only did Dr. Grossman do a wonderful thing for this little girl, but he also was able to provide her with a home in her time of need.

Zubaida and Dr Grossman

See Zubaida’s beautiful story below: