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    Dog Intentionally Starved Near To Death Gets Another Chance!

    We love a story of a dog rescue with a happy ending here at Daily Digest. But how joyful these videos are at the end? It still doesn’t fully make up for how heart rendering they are at the beginning. When you see a beautiful little pup badly treated, it breaks your heart and boils your blood, doesn’t it?

    A dog rescue place called Rescue From The Heart got a call about a malnourished young dog called Angel. But while carers worried if she would survived, Angel wasn’t ready to go to Heaven just yet. She had been intentionally starved by her cruel and despicable former owners. But her rescuers fix her up with so much care and love, it’s amazing.

    Angel has even tasted fame of late. She got a standing ovation on the animal show All-Star Dog Rescue on Fox over the Thanksgiving weekend. How special is that? Rescue From The Heart do some great work. Kudos to them and big love to Angel!


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