If You See THIS Symbol On Your Kids Toy, This Is The DARK TRUTH Behind It…


Luckily for mama bear Nicole O’Kelly, she’s a fan of the hit television show, Law and Order: SVU. And she has a good memory. Only, otherwise? She would have missed a quite remarkable – and sick – thing indeed. A twisted pedophile symbol on a toy she had bought her two year-old daughter.

Nicole and her little one attended a Monster Jam show in Syracuse at the weekend and her kid enjoyed it so much, she bought her a cuddly pink monster truck toy. The truck has a few innocent little symbols dotted up the center of it. Seemingly harmless, you might think. But one struck a chord with Nicole. And her suspicion proved right – experts agree that the a heart-inside-a-heart symbol on the toy is a secret symbol used by pedophiles.

Perverts use the symbol to communicate that a particular girl is ‘ready’ to be sold onto to other vile criminals. It’s something the police are aware of and the toy has been reported to them. They’ve some interesting things to say about it in this video news item coming up…

Worrying stuff.