Mom Films Her Twin Babies Talking… Just Wait ‘Til You Hear Their Conversation!


The relationship between twins is a much discussed and mythologized one. It’s undeniable that a set of twins will have a very close bond throughout their lives. They’ll be almost inseparable, no doubt. But is there really an almost psychic link between them? Some people claim so. Who knows…

All we know for certain is that the love is strong. And it’s easy to see why. As children – when bonds and connections are so vital – they’re always there next to each other. Just watch these two twin babies. Grayson and Griffin, they’re called. They’re talking to each other in their own little language. They’re not much older than newborns, but the way they chat? Priceless!

This may well embarrass them when they get older – especially with the video having gone viral. But we’re sure that they’ll treasure the unique relationship that they have. See it here for yourself:

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