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    Before You Order Chinese Food, You Might Wanna See This

    Who doesn’t love a take-out? Well, the customers of the Asian Garden in Littleton, New Hampshire might want to think twice about ordering one after watching this shocking video. It’s footage shot by a professional cleaning company who had previously cleaned the place up just three months before, and what they discovered when they returned for another visit is unbelievable. Nothing has been cleaned, everything is caked in grease, there are molding bits of meat and vegetables everywhere, sauces are left open to the elements, raw meat is left out in the open and also left to drip juices on raw vegetables … you name any food hygiene rule in the book, the guys who run this kitchen are breaking it. From suspicious black bits floating in tubs of vegetables to grease dripping on supposedly clean plates, this is a horror show.

    To think people have eaten food made in a kitchen as filthy as this is a disgusting and horrific thought. Even Gordon Ramsay would be stunned at the lack of even the most basic standards of hygiene if he inspected this place, and that dude’s been in some pretty gross places in his time on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. This has to be seen to be believed, but be warned – you’ll need a pretty strong stomach to get to the end of it.


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