Plagued By a Poltergeist, This Man Captured The Terror On Camera


Brit Michael Magee knew something was wrong with his new place not that long after he moved into it. Something was just a bit ‘off’. Things didn’t feel right. There was a strange atmosphere and energy about the house. He couldn’t put his finger on it, so tried to forget his initial misgivings. But soon, things started happening that he just couldn’t ignore…

You’ve seen the movie Paranormal Activity, haven’t you? A ‘found footage’-style popcorn flick that supposedly documents the haunting of a house lived in by a young couple. So popular was it then a slew of sequels followed. But can it happen in real life? Who knows. Some people might argue that the compilation of clips purporting to show a real-life poltergeist is fake. Some would point to it as proof of the paranormal – and ghosts in particular.

See what you make of it.