Predators Attack Boy – But Watch What Happens When His Mom Walks In…


The Dangers Of Social Media Episode 2. Online hazards. There are plenty of them and every single one of us has a duty to know what they are and how to avoid them and tackle them. Especially if we have children to look after. Often kids don’t fully appreciate the dangers that are all around them. Especially online. So it was a timely reminder recently when YouTube filmmaker Coby Persin came out with his thought-provoking video, The Dangers of Social Media. The message was so important and resonated with so many people that it went mega viral in no time at all and currently has almost 40 million views.

We’d love to tell you that this kind of uber-vigilance is just overcautious, but unfortunately – the threat from pedophiles and child molesters is very real indeed. We’ve seen that recently with the attack on a little boy in a bathroom stall at a Jacksonville McDonald’s.

So, what’s the long-term answer? In Australia they think it may lie in the castration of offenders. Is that something which should be considered throughout the rest of the world? Perhaps. But in the meantime, all we can do is our very best at keeping our children informed and safe.

In ‘The Dangers of Social Media’, we saw how vulnerable young girls can be when talking to ‘boys’ online. But it’s important to realize that under-16 year-old boys are just as much at risk. To illustrate this, Coby and his team are back with a follow-up, setting up three young males. Of course, their parents are on standby, but this is one serious shock to the system.

Watch. Learn. Then spread the message.

For information on how to protect your child online, Click Here

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