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    Dog Scares Himself Awake With A Big Old Fart!

    Dogs are cute. There’s no getting around the fact. Even if you’re more of a cat person, you’d have to have a heart of steel not to like pooches. Even when they’re being kind of gross, we love them. And we’ve got a great example of that here as we bring you a dog scared awake by the sound of its own fart!

    Although now we think about it, having watched this hilarious video back a few times, we’re not so sure that the dog is responsible for the fart. The loudness, proximity and laugh that accompanies the butt burp… Something doesn’t add up here. We think there’s a chance that the owner’s behind this. And then uploaded it on YouTube. The ultimate ‘blaming it on the dog’ move.

    Either way, it’s super cute and funny. This isn’t the most highbrow thing you’ll see today, but it’ll be one of the most adorable. Have a little look for yourself:

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