5 Year-old Girl Mauled By Neighbor’s Dog… Until The Family Pit Bull Saves Her


Palm Beach, Florida. Five-year-old Remayah Hernandez was viciously mauled outside her home by a dog. But it wasn’t the family’s pit bull terrier that was responsible, oh no. In fact, the pit bull ended up SAVING little Remayah. The dog responsible? Their next door neighbor’s Labrador mix.

The girl went to pet the Labrador unsupervised and something set it off. Within seconds it was throwing Remayah around like a rag doll, biting her about the face. Questions of whether of not to destroy the neighbor dog don’t need to be asked, though. As soon as the Hernandez’s family pit bull Trigger heard the commotion he came out to investigate and attacked the other dog, instantly killing it.

It’s a sad story, but once which goes to prove that a dangerous dog is all about how they’ve brought up and trained, it’s not down to their breed. The little girl has had to have plastic surgery, but is recovering well. Here’s more on the story: