She Clips A Clothespin To Her Car’s AC Vent… Why? It’s Really Clever!


You can’t beat that ‘new car’ smell, can you? So it’s always a bit of a shame when that lovely aroma wears off. And when it does, it’s time for an air freshener. Sure, those little tree-shaped ones that smell of pine you get from the car valet are okay, but they smell fades quite fast, doesn’t it? Well, we’ve got a better idea… A DIY car freshener!

Actually, this idea isn’t just limited to air vents in cars. If you have vents at home, this idea works just as well there too. All you do is coat a clothespin in essential oil and peg it to the grill of the vent. When the air travels past the lovely-smelling wood – hey presto! Your favorite smell.

This is so simple, it’s unreal. We love life hacks that are as fiendishly clever and easy as this, we really do. Have a look for yourself:

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