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    He Can’t Afford His Own Swimming Pool. But What He Builds For His Family Instead? AWESOME!

    Ever dreamed of having your own swimming pool in your back yard? Sure you have. We know we have. But a thing like that is an expense. Getting a full scale pool built doesn’t come cheap. If only there was a way of building one on a budget… Well, there is!

    The guy you’re about to meet got creative and made his family their own pool, which looks – for all intents and purposes – like a ‘proper’ swimming pool. But on a shoestring, And it’s awesome!

    This is Brazilian Jose Franco. And he’s just given us all some brilliant inspiration!

    Homemade Pool

    He couldn’t afford an expensive pool, so he bought a cheap version. But it doesn’t end there…

    Homemade Pool

    He then built a wooden scaffold around the pool to keep it secure.

    Homemade Pool

    With some decking built in – you’d never know that the pool used to be a stand alone tarp pool!

    Homemade Pool

    Unbelievably good.

    Homemade Pool

    How cool is that, huh? It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend big to get something awesome!


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