He Cuts Up A Beer Can. Soon? His WiFi Signal’s Boosted! This Is CRAZY!


Terrible WiFi reception at home. We all suffer from this at some point, don’t we? It’s usually okay in the room in which the router is based, but in other rooms? Say – on a different floor or story of the house? It can often be terrible. If only there was a way to boost your WIFI signal for free… Well, there is!

Not only does this neat life hack work… It’s also totally free! And quite fun. Seriously, it involves drinking beer! This tutorial video we’ve got for you here shows us all an excellently effective way to improve our wireless internet signal at home. All you need is a little sticky putty, a pair of scissors and an empty beer can!

We’ll be honest, we tried this, but we have six antennas on our router, so we needed six empty cans. We had to drink the beer to empty the cans and we don’t remember much after that. All we know is that our WiFi didn’t improve.

Still, don’t get drunk and follow this tip – you’ll be sorted!