Make Your Next Camping Trip Easier With This Can And Chocolate Fire Lighting Life Hack!


Camping can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family, can’t it? It’s a great thing to do when you want to spend time with your loved ones but don’t want the planning and expense of a ‘regular’ vacation. You just pack a few things into the car and head off the woods for a bit. Bliss.

But there’s always one thing you forget, isn’t there? And it’s normally one of the more important items (hey, it’s Murphy’s Law…). We’re imagining that you wouldn’t be dumb enough to forget the tents! But it’s understandable if you leave the matches behind. But without them or a lighter – how are you going to light your nice big campfire? Well, with a little ingenuity, that’s how…

Got a can knocking about? And a little chocolate? Great! You’ll have yourself a nice big roaring fire in no time at all. And here’s how:

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