Dad’s Watching Video of Daughter’s Birth When He Notices Something He Didn’t See Before


When Christian comedian Michael Jr. was in the delivery room after his wife had given birth to their baby daughter, he couldn’t help but get out his camera and capture a short little video of his new pride and joy. The day was hectic and he only half remembers what happened, so recently he decided to watch the tape back. And noticed something incredible…

He didn’t realize at the time, but – like the dad singing a lullaby to his baby – his voice soothed her in spectacular style. His newborn daughter instantly stopped crying, responding to her old man’s voice in the most perfect way. And watching it back? You can see how much it touches Michael as he recounts it for us.

Being a dad isn’t always easy, but it’s ultimately rewarding (and often fun!). And when you see the love that exists between Pa and daughter, it fills your heart with joy, doesn’t it? Have a watch of this wonderful memory for yourself: