THIS Is How You Find Out If A Battery Is Full Or Empty… It’s So Simple!


How do you test a battery? It’s a good question and, apart from seeing if it powers something that only requires one battery to work, we’ve never really known the answer. We’ve just kind of thrown away (sorry, recycled…) batteries when we’ve suspected they’re on the way out. But there is a foolproof way!

The clever types at Cleverly have stumbled upon a really neat and simple little technique that, while easy, is actually pretty ingenious. It doesn’t require any special testing kit – or any extra kit at all, really. So long as you have access to a hard surface, you’re good to go!

We love smart but easy little life hacks like this one here. This is excellent. We’ll definitely be trying out this method the next time we need to test if our batteries have juice or not. Check it out yourself: