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    Rocket Or ALIENS? Eerie Footage Of Light In The Sky Baffles Science

    This amazing new footage has emerged recently, and it’s causing quite a bit of heated debate on the Internet. The video shows a strange light in the sky near Cape Canaveral in Florida. The light appears to expand as it shoots across the sky, causing an eerie, ghostly effect that many people – both experts and people who don’t know anything – are struggling to explain.

    “I couldn’t make out what it was,” said one eyewitness. “My brother says it’s aliens, but I’m not so sure. We have a lot of space activity around here, what with Cape Canaveral being just down the road. That said, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. If it is aliens, I’m very worried that they’ll abduct me and my wife and probe us for information about humans.”

    Others have claimed the strange light is merely the exhaust plume of an Atlas V rocket that was, coincidentally, launched shortly before the footage was released. However, this is disputed by many who point out that the light appears to be traveling sideways as opposed to straight up into space.

    With nothing firm to go on, this strange, disturbing footage is likely – for now at least – to remain a mysterious mystery of the unknowable unknown.


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