Driver Goes Nuts At Cyclist – But Just Wait For The Crazy Twist At The End!


Cats and dogs. Republicans and Democrats. Red Sox and Knicks fans. Sometimes in life, two warring factions from either side of something will hate each other with such verve and passion that reconciliation just isn’t possible. And we put cyclists and drivers very much in that bracket. Their mutual hatred accounts for so much angry road rage.

The video we’ve got for you here appears to come from England and shows footage caught on a camera mounted on top of a cyclist’s helmet. Now you might have seen videos like these before. Like that one where the guy gets out of his vehicle and ends up faceplanting in quite epic fashion. Road rage isn’t cool. But when it happens, it’s often a guilty pleasure to watch. Just like in this video below.

But there’s a twist in the tale. See if you can spot it…

The video was a p*ss take of this one…

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