Kiss-Cam Proposal Goes Hideously Wrong!


Ah, the kiss cam. Sometimes it gives us endearing moments of true love. And sometimes, er … it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t, a LOT of people are going to see it! Remember when we told you about the man who was completely rejected live on television? Well, another embarrassing kiss-cam fail has emerged.

The camera panned to a couple during the game at Atlanta Hawks on Saturday, for the male to get down on one knee, and propose to the lady. So far, so good. However, before he could even get the ring on her finger, the ring slipped out of his hand, and fell into the stands below him.

Well, I say slipped. A pal (or maybe even a complete stranger) pats the man’s back to congratulate him, making him tumble and drop the ring. We’ve no idea if they retrieved the ring. But we *can* tell you that his fiancee-to-be exacts a bit of revenge on the chap responsible for the ring disappearing!