His Girlfriend Wanted No Part Of The Kiss Cam – Then The Girl In The Next Seat Did THIS!


Ah, the Kiss Cam. It’s a classic feature of the ball game now, isn’t it? It’s as immersed in sports as beers, hot dogs and allegations of cheating… And speaking of which, we’ve got a great little twist for you here in this video of a kiss cam couple.

You know how they go, don’t you? The camera focuses on two people in the crowd, a round of applause rings around the stadium and the loved-up pair give each other a kiss. Well, that’s how it usually goes, anyway. But not here. Oh no. You see, the guy’s up for it. But the girl? Not so much. In fact, she flat out refuses. Then slaps him. Then knocks his popcorn out his hand. Then throws his drink over him!

Jeez. Tough crowd, huh? He only wanted a little peck. But he was about to get more than he ever bargained for! The girl to his right – his girlfriend – might not have wanted to kiss on camera. But the smokin’ hot brunette to his left certainly did!

Check it out: