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    Watch This Girl’s Amazing Rendition Of The Opera From The Fifth Element

    The Voice has become a worldwide sensation. From Afghanistan to Mexico to Vietnam, the program, which was originally shown in the Netherlands, has been franchised across the world. It is basically a singing competition, but with a twist. The judges cannot see the performers, so have to assess them on their singing talent alone. Unlike American Idol or The X Factor, the artists don’t have to ‘look the part’ to succeed. However, like those shows, the best moments usually come during the auditions.

    In the following clip, taken from The Voice Russia, we see 13 year old Victoria Hovhannisyan performing “Il dolce suono” (“The Sweet Sound”), made famous by the character Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element. The piece is notoriously difficult to perform. Describing the protagonist’s descent into insanity and murder,  it covers numerous octaves so requires a singer with great range. And Victoria certainly has that!

    Watch the video below.


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