Lucky Schoolboy Hears Mom’s Voice Tell Him To Move; Narrowly Avoids Death


You’re about to meet the world’s luckiest young boy. He was waiting by the side of the road for a ride after school when he narrowly missed being run over by a car that hurtled out of control…

He’s standing by some metal railings, idly killing time. He’d been there a while, wondering where his lift was. For no real reason other than boredom – or perhaps serendipity – he decides to wander a few feet away. Seconds later? BANG! The out of control vehicle smashes into exactly where he was standing. Had he not have moved, he surely would have died.

The footage shows his move which, as we say, appears to be luck. But could there be more to it than that? The boy has since claimed that he’d heard a female voice that sounded a little like his mother tell him to move. Without really thinking about it, he just did as he was told. Strange, huh? Was it his mom psychically connecting to him? Was it some kind of angel? Or was it just sheer luck…?

You decide.

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