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    Want To Whistle Louder Than Anyone Else? Here’s How!

    Brett McKay from the website The Art of Manliness is on a life-long quest to achieve true, old school manliness. He’s got the mustache for it, but he’s lacking a few other essentials. The number one focus of his manly journey recently? Authoritative whistling. You know, that hand-in-the-mouth-style whistling that you’d see Hollywood greats like John Wayne or Gary Cooper pull out with ease? Yeah. That.

    Well, after plenty of research, experimentation, frustration, trial and error, he’s managed it. And he’s keen to show you exactly how to do it for yourself. It’s surprisingly easy in technique, but you’ll need to practice, practice, practice… It took us a while to get the hang of it when we tried it, that’s for sure.

    All you need is a mouth, a tongue, your hands and a steely look of manly determination and before you know it, you’ll be the loudest and manliest whistler in your entire neighborhood!

    Check it out:


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