She’s Creeped Out By The Biker Stalking Her In Store… When He Taps Her Shoulder? SHOCK!


Greenville, Michigan. A young mother is doing some christmas grocery shopping when she feels a presence. It’s as though someone is watching her. Following her. She turns around and sees him. The man ‘stalking’ her. He looks mean. He’s wearing a biker get-up. But with a furry red and white Santa hat…

Jessica Reway didn’t know what to say. It was Jerry “Bear” Cook of The Chosen Ones motorcycle club. But he didn’t want trouble, oh no. Far from it, in fact. Jerry wanted to help! Him and the rest of his motorcycle pals were in the Meijer store, handing out $50 store cards to help out anyone who might need it.

Reway couldn’t believe it. The gesture had come at the perfect time. She admits to having looked at her bills before getting in the car that day and worrying about whether she could afford to buy a Christmas Day meal. “Its amazing. It’s great to see that there are people out there that are paying it forward what they can do,” Reway told reporters.

Biker 2

“All the folks that come to the club want to be part of the family the community,” says Cook. “They choose our club usually because of stuff like this.

“My heart is full. Just to see all of my club brothers and sisters, the smiles on their faces as we are doing this, and we see the people light up when we give them the card and tell them Merry Christmas. Our hearts are very full.”


What kindness and generosity of spirit, huh? This is just what Christmastime is all about. So good work, The Chosen Ones… Keep it up!

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