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    This Beautiful Magic Trick Stuns And Confuses Even The Experts!

    The card trick is the most classic area of magic. As such, it runs the risk of being a little plain and uninteresting. Sure, there are plenty of great card trick-based illusionists out there, but there’s also a lot of boring ones. Sorry, magic!

    But there’s life in the old dog yet. Done right, with enough flair and wit and imagination, the humble pack of 52 can still amaze and surprise. You just need the right magician holding the cards. And Shin Lim might well be the best card tricksters out there at the moment.

    His appearance on magic show ‘Fool Us’ had Las Vegas showman and magic experts Penn & Teller scratching their heads. Lim had the pros unable to explain how he pulled off some of the wonderful sleights of hand and tricks here. Seriously, this routine will blow your mind!


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