Santa Claus Makes This Little Girl’s Christmas!


Cleveland, England. A little girl with speech and communication problems is at the mall with her mommy. She spots Santa Claus in his grotto and gets Mom to take her over. Mali Phoenix Williams-Cody is only three and has always struggled to talk and communicate. So she was understandably nervous about meeting The Big Man…

But her shyness soon fades away with St. Nick unveils his big secret. He can sign! So she can have a little chat with him, after all! She had a little conversation about Christmas and what she wants and her mom is so happy, it’s really a special moment.

Christmas really is a magical time of year. We’ve already seen the German supermarket, Edeka,  that treated its customers recently and the little girl with terrible burns, Safyre Terry, who just wants Christmas cards this year. Now let’s see Santa making a little girl’s day!