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    These Two Ladies Drink Wine With Helium In… The Result? Utterly Hilarious!

    Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d go to a party with your little friends and have fun with balloons? Blowing them up, kicking them around… Popping them. But the number one way to have fun with a balloon – provided it’s filled with helium – has always been to inhale it and talk with a squeaky voice, hasn’t it?

    Okay, okay. So it’s hardly the most sophisticated way to pass the time, but hey – we can’t always be at the opera or ballet, can we? Anyway, it looks like there’s a new adult way of having fun with helium… Helium wine! Talk with a silly high voice, laugh yourself senseless and get drunk. Perfect!

    The video below shows just how much fun can had be had with something as simple and daft as this. We see two friends sit down to a few glasses of helium-infused wine. And it looks a real blast. Check it out:


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