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    These Men Film Themselves Saving Lives During A Dramatic Apartment Fire.

    Two men have become heroes after risking danger to themselves in order to save lives during a vicious apartment blaze. Spencer Butler and his friend were testing out their new GoPro camera nearby when they spotted the fire. Without even stopping to shut off the device, Spencer, his buddy and a couple of other passers-by rushed to the apartment complex to help in any way they can.

    After reaching the premises, the guys stalked the corridors, breaking down doors and so on, in order to notify or rescue residents, both human and animal. The pair personally rescued three dogs, and no lives were lost in the fire – in large thanks to the brave actions of these everyday heroes.

    The local fire department said that the blaze, which led to a partial roof collapse, was caused by a bolt of lightning striking the building. Spencer has asked for people to donate to the Fire Relief Fund instead of making any profit from the video. Details of how to do this can be found at the beginning of the footage.


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