Two Villages Rebuild The Same Rope Bridge Every Year – See What What Happens When They Meet


A bridge is just a bridge, isn’t it? A structure designed to link two areas together that are separated by an expanse of water. No big deal. Sure, they are when you use them. But for architects, engineers and people in remote areas, they can be a lifeblood. Take the woven bridge at Q’eswachaka, for example…

Found in deepest Peru in South America, the rope bridge has been made and remade regularly using ancient Incan engineering techniques and is in need of constant repair and maintenance. In fact, it’s rebuilt every single year. And once the work is completed – the two villages who work on it (from each end, meeting in the middle) have a giant party to celebrate!

When you see the sheer amount of work involved in the building on this bridge, you’ll soon see whey celebrations are in order. Blood, sweat and tears goes into making the  Q’eswachaka Bridge. See for yourself:

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