A 96 Year Old Woman Wants To Sell Her House. You Will Not Believe What It’s Like On The Inside!

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This innocuous looking house sits in a suburb of Toronto, Canada. It’s owner, a 96 year old woman, has lived here for 72 years. However, due to her advancing years, she decided that it was time to sell the place she has called home since 1944.

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When the realtor first arrived at the house, she expected nothing more than a normal, run of the mill suburban home. She couldn’t have been more wrong. The moment you step through the front door you are met with a stunning hallway decked with ornate features of pastel and gold.

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You then enter into a stylish living room which perfectly encapsulates the decor of a 1950s American home.

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Next comes the dining room. Here we find an exquisite cream furniture set, offset against green carpet and curtains, and golden wallpaper.

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The pastel tones continue in the kitchen, where pink is very much the order of the day! The flower pattern curtains, along with many of the textiles found in the house, were made by the owner herself – a seamstress by trade.

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The pink theme extends to this beautiful little breakfast nook. The perfect place to start your day!

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Apparently the husband of the homeowner told his wife that she could decorate the house however she wished, so long as there was no pink in the bedroom. She painted that room lilac!

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However, the other bedroom did not escape the pink theme!

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Even the bathroom is stylish, a combination of marble, pink and gold.

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No 1950s home would be complete without a wooden clad cocktail bar and lounge. The place to relax after a long day at work.

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This house even has a dedicated, and pristine, laundry room, again continuing the wooden theme.

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Finally, the house has a cute, immaculate back garden.

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If you want to buy this beautiful house, you will need to come up with $650,000. But we think it’s definitely worth it!