Personal Trainer Intentionally Packs On SEVENTY POUNDS To Inspire A Client To Lose Weight


Adonis Hill trains his clients wherever he can – wherever they’re inspired to lose weight. At their gym, in a park, wherever. The New York City-based personal trainer works hard for his people. Some might say too hard. Only the 35 year-old did something extreme recently… He intentionally put on 70lbs, so he could inspire a client and they could lose weight together.

The idea was that they would both be overweight and could experience the program and weight loss routine together. It’s a risky strategy that puts his own health slightly at risk, so can’t be repeated too often, but wow! What a thing to do, huh?

But Adonis already knows what it’s like to be fat and unhealthy. He’s been there before.

Adonis Hill

Ordinarily nowadays, he’s a lean, mean fitness machine. A cut and muscular figure with incredible stamina and fitness levels. But it wasn’t always so. Six years ago he was obese and depressed. It started when he lost his job. “That’s when the weight packed on. My dreams and everything I hoped for were gone,” he told BuzzFeed Health. Then, with the helps of friends he starting running, going to the gym and working out. Hard.

Adonis Hill

Now he’s using his experience to inspire others for the TV show, Fit to Fat to Fit. It was a lady called Alyssa who benefited from his help and experience. And together they did it – they reached their weight targets…

FatIn four months, Hill lost 57 pounds and Alyssa lost 58! Great work, you two…

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