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    Hunters Couldn’t BELIEVE What They Found Inside This Wild Boar!

    Hunters in California uncovered something very strange recently after exploring the fruits of their latest hunt. They’d been out searching for their target, wild boars, all day, barely having a sniff. Just as they were due to give up and go home, they spotted a large boar behind a tree. And shot it dead.

    These hunters were experienced and liked to use their kill fully. So they planned to eat the boar. But on opening it up, they saw something that quickly put them off their dinner…

    Inside the wild boar, something very unusual was happening… The thing was BLUE. The meat, organs and blood were all normal colored, but the fat… That was another story. Completely blue!


    But what could have caused it…?


    Copper poisoning can cause this kind of thing, but all the mines in the area had been cleared and closed years ago. So it couldn’t be that…


    So they sent samples to the University of California in Davis.


    When the results came back, the cause of the blueness turned out to be an anticoagulant used in the region to control the local squirrel population! It keeps blood from clotting and causes the squirrels to bleed to death from the inside.

    But the boar had eaten it… And survived! Well, at least until it was shot, anyway…


    How strange!


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