When This Goat Approaches a Tiger Something Happened Which Shocked Everyone


Primorsky Safari Park, Russia. An unlikely friendship has developed between a tiger and a goat. Timur the goat was originally released into the park to serve as a ‘live feed’ for Amur, the Siberian tiger. As you can imagine, zookeepers were expecting Amur to stalk and pounce on his prey. But instead of devouring Timur, Amur struck up the sweetest bond with him!

Timur wasn’t named before the incident. After all, he was just considered to be lunch for Amur. But after the two got pally and hang out every day, workers at Primorsky decided to award the brave goat a moniker. So they named him after a courageous character from a popular Russian children’s book.

No one’s quite sure why Amur didn’t attack and eat Timur, but there is a theory. When the goat first trotted into the vicinity of the tiger, it didn’t hide or run after spotted the big cat. It strutted over confidently and asserted dominance. So perhaps the tiger respected it or thought it was another tiger. Who know? All we know for sure is – it’s super cute!