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Caring Lioness Stops Lion From EATING Zookeeper!


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Lions are one of the most beautiful animals in nature. Stay out of their way and watch them from afar, and wow! What a creature to behold. But get too close? And you might be wishing you didn’t… Just ask the two zookeepers in this clip.

Big cats like tigers and lions are majestic, but not to be underestimated. When a situation in a zoo gets out of hand in this clip, the two keepers stand no chance up against the King of the Jungle. It looks like a certain tragedy waiting to happen. Until something unexpected happens. The lion’s mate – a lioness – steps in and saves them.

She seemingly reasons somehow with the male lion. We think the big bite on the leg may have had an impact too! The lion becomes distracted and it gives the two men enough time to run out of the enclosure and into a safe zone. This quick thinking from the lioness surely saved their lives. Watch and be amazed…


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