Man Tries To Kill Spider. With Fire. At a Gas Station…


Arachnophobia. Some people have it. It’s real. It can be a big part of their lives too, their fear of spiders. They’ll do anything to avoid being near them. As the Michigan guy in the video you’re about to see will attest. So afraid of them is he that when he sees one, they have to die. By fire. Out comes his cigarette lighter and up they go. Which works fine for him at home or out in the yard (even if it is a little cruel…).But at a gas station?! Not so much.

That’s right, he spots a spider exiting his gas tank as he goes to fill up. Instinctively, he reaches for his Zippo and lights the thing. And it doesn’t take a genius to work out what happens next. Luckily the attendant was watching on CCTV and shut off the fuel and called the fire service. And the accidental arsonist grabbed the nearest extinguisher.

Maybe just learn to live and let live huh, fella? Check out the incredible footage below: