Hero Gas Station Clerk Acts On a Hunch And Saves Kidnapped Woman


Do you ever get hunches about things? Weird feelings based on nothing really that logical? You can’t explain it, but you just know that something is up with a situation…?

Manveer Komer seems to. He’s a clerk who works in a gas station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One night he noticed a young lady and a man enter his store. Nothing unusual in right, right? Well, maybe not. But Manveer felt uneasy. The woman was nervous looking. The man – shifty. He kept an eye on them and watched. And waited. After using the cash machine, they left. Acting on a hunch, Manveer stepped in. And in doing so, he might just have saved her…

Earlier in the day, the woman had been kidnapped by the man who was armed and dangerous. He was forcing her to drive around town with him and take out money from various different ATMs and cash points. As the two walked into Manveer Komer’s store, he could immediately sense that something was amiss. It just didn’t feel right.

This is almost as crazy as the cop who saved a man from a gas station explosion! Here’s the story in full: