“Cash Me Outside” Girl Is Going Back Onto Dr. Phil


“Cash Me Outside, Howbow Dah?!” It’s now one of the internet’s most recognisable sentences. A true meme. Uttered by a thirteen year-old girl on Dr. Phil a short time back, it catapulted that young lady to superstardom. The internet went crazy over badly-behaved Danielle Ann and she got crazy famous, crazy quick.

And now? She’s coming back! The Facebook page of the Dr. Phil show announced the news recently by posting a kind of teaser trailer along with the words, ‘Look who’s back for round two!’

Since finding fame, she’s hardly been out of the news with a story about her being beaten up leaking online and even fake stories about her suicide doing the rounds. But she’s alive and well and returning to our screens soon…

cash me outside thumb

Are you ready for Danielle’s return? What sensational thing will she say or do this time around? We can only wait and find out.

Howbow Dah?

Here’s the Facebook post from Dr. Phil himself (well, whoever runs the social media for the show…):

She’s certainly entertaining…

cash me outside thumb

Check out the trailer for it…