Every Time Her Hypnotized Boyfriend Checks Out a Girl He Slaps Himself!


For many women, seeing their husbands or boyfriends checking out other girls is a daily occurrence. It’s not always proof that they’re low-down dirty dogs who cheat. Most guys just can’t help but have a look. And, unlike their partners, they have to be really unsubtle about it. So for these guys, maybe it’s time a little lesson was taught, huh???

The brand new UK TV show ‘Look Into My Eyes’ has come up with the perfect stunt to play on one guy who’s always eyeing up other ladies on the street. Hypnotized by one of the program’s expert hypnotists, he’s convinced in his trance-like state to slaps his own head every time he looks at another woman on the street!

We’ve see girls owning their boyfriends before, but setting them up for a TV show like this is genius! Pranks played on your man is one thing, but on television? That’ll teach him…


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