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    She Was Devastated When She Weighed Herself. Her Husband’s Response Broke The Internet

    When performance poet and inspirational motivational novelist Khari Toure walked into the bathroom to discover his wife was upset, he wanted to know why. When she told him it was because she wasn’t happy with her weight, he said something to her that has set the Internet on fire. Khari’s an inspiring guy. He wrote the critically acclaimed self-published high-quality self-help eBook, Curvy and Confident, which is the two hundred and thirty thousand, five hundred and sixteenth most popular book on Amazon’s Kindle Store. It is a book that has inspired women all around the world to think differently about how they view their bodies.

    So it’s no surprise that the author of this beautiful poem …

    Even though you’ve gained some weight
    I’ll set set the record straight,
    True love keeps no record of weight.
    I’ll love you through thick and thin
    My love will never change
    Through your losses and your weight gains
    So even if you lose some pounds
    I’ll always be around
    My love for you will always be the same

    … had this to say when he walked into the bathroom and saw how upset his wife was. He soon cheered her up because he clearly has a way with words! Oh, and as you’ll soon discover, that was only the start of what Khari had up his sleeve. What a guy!

    You go, Khari!


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