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    Caged Onlookers Get The Shock Of a Lifetime When This Shark Attacks!

    We’re all fascinated by sharks, aren’t we? You’ve only got to see the viewing figures for Shark Week to know that.The giants of the deep, with their enormous teeth and aggressive attitudes. Movies like Jaws and Sharknado (to a lesser degree…) have cemented sharks’ reputation as the toughest animals in the water.

    But the shark isn’t man’s natural enemy. Not by a long chalk. Sure, there have been fifteen reported shark attacks in 2015 already, but they only come about when we muscle in on their turf. You don’t hear stories of Great White Sharks strolling into bars, necking a few too many Miller Genuine Drafts and picking fights with people, do you…?

    If we were sharks, we’d be annoyed as cages full of deliciously-smelling humans taunted us. We’d try and bite through the metal bars and get to them. Like this 11.5ft Great White did recently. He got seriously up close and personal with the caged spectators and scared the heck out of them! Check it out:


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