This Abandoned Dog Was Alone In a Storm Until a Heroic Guy Showed Up…


Benoit Denizet-Lewis had spent four months travelling the USA for his upcoming book,  ‘Travels With Casey’, a dog-based travelogue, when he stumbled across a dog rescue issue he’d never heard or thought about up until then. Stray dogs on Native American reservations. Regular animal sanctuaries and rescue places don’t have jurisdiction on reservations, it seems. Which creates a sizable problem.

The Navajo land Benoit was on? Part of more than 27,000 square miles of Navajo land that stretches over three states. And yet there are only FIVE animal rescue workers assigned to look after it. So there are stray dogs EVERYWHERE.

HE wanted to help all of them, but couldn’t. But when Benoit saw one dog laying alone and sad in a storm, he knew he had to take her in. And it’s a good job he did as it turned out that ‘Rezzy’ (as he went on to name her) was terribly sick. In fact, she was dying… Until the vets got to work.

Here’s their wonderful story: